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Get Moving, Get Healthy!


Many diseases and problems are caused by obesity.

Statistics show that approximately 2/3s of Americans are overweight or obese, which means that they are carrying 25 lbs or more in excess of recommended body weight. That’s a real problem! Excessive body weight has been linked to several chronic diseases. Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, and even some types of cancer are the top examples. Not only is this bad for us individually with the impact that it has on us personally, but it’s a negative for us as a society too. 

But let’s be selfish for now and think about the impact that it has on us individually. In addition to increasing our risks for chronic disease, being overweight, can have a real impact on you not only physically, but it can affect you emotionally as well. Depression, anxiety, lack of quality sleep, insomnia, and stress are examples. I might add that it can even affect your romantic relationships. This can even be the case if you fall into the category of “skinny fat” which means that your weight is in an acceptable range for your height and build, but you are not physically fit, you aren’t healthy from a cardiovascular standpoint. Either way, the negative impact on your quality, and potentially quantity, of life is at risk.

If our own health is compromised, we are not able to take care of our families to the best of our ability. Taking a page from my own story,( and I might add that it is still being written) I was 41 when I had my epiphany about my own health. Once I had started exercising and it had become a regular part of my day, I started realizing how much better I felt emotionally as well as physically. I was dealing with stress better. I felt better about myself, and I’m not talking about how I looked in a mirror, although that did happen too. I felt my body getting stronger. I could run after the soccer ball with my kids and not feel like I was absolutely dying. And being able to truly play and engage with my kids physically made me feel SOOOO good! I was proud of myself! I had more energy throughout the day. And because of that sustained energy, I felt more like cooking meals in the evening for my family. I started cooking healthier meals for all of us. I was a better partner to my husband. I was happier with myself. I was a BETTER me! I vowed even back then before I even thought about putting on the fitness professional hat, that I would share with every young mom that would listen to me, to do your family a favor and take care of yourself! I echo that sentiment even now, for everyone, no matter your age or gender. Exercising is one of the greatest self-care steps that you can take, so take that first step today! Get moving!

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